Trivadis Azure Ready - 4-Week Implementation

Trivadis AG

Trivadis Azure Ready helps you to build your azure platform enterprise-ready in accordance with the Trivadis best practices "Trivadis Azure Foundation".

With Trivadis Azure Ready our Azure Experts helps you to build your azure platform enterprise-ready which is compliant to the organizations rules and regulations, and provides a structured way to design and implement the core infrastructure services like network, identity and access management and more. Additional to that the operational readiness will also be established during the Azure Ready implementation.

"Trivadis Azure Foundation"

The introduction of a cloud platform can be implemented quickly, easily and with little knowledge of the affected areas. Thus, the advantages of cloud computing are immediately available to the requested specialist area. However, word gets around quickly and other departments also see the advantages of cloud computing for themselves and would like to take advantage of them. The quick and easy introduction of a cloud platform is already at the border and the danger of a resource chaos is imminent or has already arrived. This resource chaos can lead to security gaps, to failures of productive applications and systems or even to uncontrolled cost increases.

In order to eliminate chaos from the ground up, to use the advantages of cloud computing according to its own governance, security and compliance requirements, it needs a structured introduction of the cloud platform.

The Azure Foundation of Trivadis adopts the azure cloud platform enterprise-ready. The governance, security and compliance requirements are incorporated and the environment in the azure cloud is structured on this basis and prepared for the use of business departments and IT for further use cases like innovation and migration.