Hybrid Cloud: 2-day High Level Design Workshop


Get a high-level design for your move to an Azure Hybrid Cloud.

Vigilant.IT will provide:

  • A High-Level Design for a Hybrid Cloud platform using Azure Public Cloud and Azure Stack HCI aligned to your business drivers,

  • Architectural guidance with associated data protection, system recovery, security, networking, and

  • Financial estimate on the required solution.

The High-Level Design will explore the intended changes across your business during several workshops, and provide our expert advice on:

  • Using Azure computing and services with an Azure Stack HCI service to maximise resilience,

  • Configuration aspects for the service’s efficient operation covering identity management, networking, storage, clustering, data protection,

  • Platform optimisation, operation and maintenance, and

  • A platform configuration and financial estimate for the design.


Day 1:

  • Align stakeholders on Business Objectives,

  • Assess Hybrid Cloud future state, and

  • Explore differing journeys to Hybrid.

Day 2:

  • Narrow strategic options with TCQ, and

  • Assess implementation trade-offs.

Final Briefing:

  • Confirm recommended approach,

  • Walk-through design document, and

  • Review implementation considerations


  • 2-day face-to-face design workshop.
  • High-Level design.
  • Platform configuration & install estimate.
  • Final design briefing.

Total service duration will be 2 weeks from the first workshop day as each day is typically separated by a few days to accommodate attendee availability.

Additional days are used for workshop preparation, internal design reviews and the final design briefing preparation and presentation.

Fee*: Free when you purchase the Vigilant.IT Hybrid Cloud service for a 36-month term as part of your Hybrid Cloud journey.

*Subject to conditions that will be provided on request.