Modern Data Platform: 3-weeks PoC


Unified approach to data in organization (Synapse, Databricks and more)

A cloud data platform is a unified, pervasive set of services that houses all your data and puts it to work, securely and consistently, in the cloud. ​ VISEO is ready to help you to discover your data potential, would it be mutliple existing platforms or a single but legacy one - we are ready to help with this 3-week PoC. The workshops allows you to understand the potential latest Microsoft Azure Analytics technologies have in stock (Synapse and Databricks) and how can they be of help in your particular data situation.

For last 20 years, VISEO has been partnering with Microsoft to deliver best analytics solution and developed a solid methodology which drives results. Our service includes 3-step approach: Step 1. Collect, acquire and organize • Ingest & analyze • Process & transform • Integrate & store Step 2. Enable for analytics • Cloud Data warehouse • Cloud Data lake • Data virtualization Step 3. Enable business insights • Business intelligence& visualization • Self-service data preparation &analytics • Advanced analytics

Given all that, we can accompany you in further real-time analytics and Machine Learning with ease!

Pricing of workshop depends on the complexity of the existing system and intended changes to apply and may vary.