Microsoft Sustainability Manager implementation : 4-Wk Proof of Concept


Offer Corporate Social Responsability based on Microsoft Sustainability Manager

The VISEO offer, Sustainable Mobility, aims to quantify and reduce the carbon impact : 1 : Study for framing to align the IS with the strategic issues of sustainability

  • Sustainable development consulting
  • Preparing of the CSDR implementation : The CSRD is the European standard for sustainable development
  1. POC of Implementing Microsoft Sustainbility Manager : Implement strategic alignment through CSR management The monitoring and management of indicators is carried out with the implementation of 3 stages:
  • Record: Implementation of connectors, loading of databases, conversion of data into carbon impact
  • Report: Development of dashboard
  • Reduce: Implementation of management tools to monitor action plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

This offer will be operated on Microsoft Sustainabilty Manager with a scope depending of the extra-financial reporting to be covered. This first step is a scoping study that can be carried out over 4 weeks This scoping study will provide an analysis and recommendations for:

  • The scope of the data to be collected
  • A reference Azure architecture and services
  • An adoption roadmap
  • A costed implementation study