App Dev with Azure CosmosDB: 1-day Briefing

white duck GmbH

1-day Briefing for Application Development with Azure CosmosDB

In this 1-day briefing we will show you the way to implement modern cloud applications with NoSQL database storage, analyse your use cases and design a solution architecture for your app.

About Azure CosmosDB and their benefits for modern cloud apps We use the NoSQL cloud database Azure CosmosDB for modern, service-oriented app backends, which require more flexible data storage due to changing data scheme. Azure CosmosDB is a horizontal, globally scalable, managed database service that supports various NoSQL interfaces and MongoDB among others.

In contrast to other commercially available distributed databases, the CosmosDB supports a variety of levels of consistency.

The Azure CosmosDB is usually accessed via .NET Core-based API apps, which contain the business logic and provide a REST interface for web portals or mobile apps. The services and front ends are secured in this standardized cloud architecture via Azure AD B2B or B2C, depending on the application scenario.

We implement such standardized application development projects for our customers as part of transparent and agile DevOps methods based on Azure DevOps. Furthermore, we provide operation services that cover the areas of cloud automation, cloud security and cloud monitoring for the cloud operation of the solutions.

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