Microsoft Sentinel: 5 Day POC Deployment


Experienced in SIEM and SOC migrations and improvement, Wizard Cyber will take you through a guided Proof of Concept that demonstrates the real value of Microsoft Sentinel,

Recognised as a Microsoft Gold Partner and certified to ISO 27001, 9001, and Cyber Essentials Plus, our credentials stand out in the marketplace.

At Wizard Cyber, our Proof of Concept (POC) service, following our Engagement Lifecycle, offers a business and outcome-focused engagement that covers use case requirements, event collection and collation, threat detection, risk analysis, and rapid incident investigation and response. Our team manages the solution and provides threat detection and response. As part of the Microsoft Sentinel Proof of Concept, we will connect your Sentinel instance to our proprietary incident management platform, CYBERSHIELD. Our state-of-the-art platform uplifts the enormous Sentinel capabilities and provides significant additional benefits such as case management, analytical rule control (use case library), vulnerability management (required Defender for Endpoint), threat intelligence, security advisories, in-depth entity analysis, ticket task management, triage assistant, and much more.

Our Microsoft Sentinel POC offers a low-risk option for your organisation to see how it could benefit from Microsoft Sentinel, demonstrating its advanced threat detection, response, and hunting capabilities.

Project Phases

Demo - Full demo of our CYBERSHIELD platform and its capabilities complementing Microsoft Sentinel. Discovery – We will gather business and technical requirements, review your current security operations, including existing SOC tools and platforms, security policies and procedures, use cases, rules, and alerts, identify data sources, and discover remediation automation. Design – We will define and agree on the POC plan, desired outcomes with you, and agree on data sources to configure for the pilot. Implementation – Following the design, we will set up Microsoft Sentinel in your tenant, integrate agreed data sources (CEF or Syslog data sources for the POC), import threat intelligence, add custom alerting rules, add automation playbooks, and develop custom dashboards and analytics. Review & Handover – Following the implementation, we will present the Azure Sentinel pilot, show discovered threats, demonstrate key areas such as automated remediation and threat hunting, and discuss next steps.

The scope and scale of the POC can be designed to meet your requirements, and we can increase or decrease any elements to suit your needs.

Following the POC, we can provide project handover documentation and work with you to advance your Microsoft Sentinel deployment. If you are looking for a fully Managed SOC/XDR service, we can onboard you into our managed security services, enabling you to take full advantage of the CYBERSHIELD platform combined with the power of Microsoft Sentinel.