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AIMS for BizTalk

Get True Insight into Your BizTalk Behavior & Performance and Fully Automate BizTalk Monitoring


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AIMS for Microsoft BizTalk is the only solution that provides everything you need to get Insight & Analytics for BizTalk to optimize operations, reduce troubleshooting and that allows you to be pro-active to prevent Business Critical BizTalk Disruption:

  • Understand your BizTalk through auto-detection of workflows
  • Analyze BizTalk performance & identify Bottlenecks based on real-time performance data collection
  • Navigate how BizTalk works through the topological map
  • Identify complex performance problems using AIMS pro-active alerts
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to align BizTalk Insight with key stakeholder (dev, it ops, managers, C-level)
  • See real-time and historical BizTalk performance , message, size, latency
  • Get relevant alerts that reduce triaging of false alerts
  • Use color coded pinpointing to easily identify cause and impact of problems
  • Communicate with Line-of-Business owners how BizTalk is performing