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Akeron Real Estate

A single platform for sharing information with evident benefits on the reduction of costs

Akeron Real Estate(Akeron RE) is a system for managing real estate and integrating all activities relevant to the management of leasing agreements and utilities. The main characteristics of Akeron RE are:

  • The assets are encoded and divided into units. All information, contracts and documents necessary for the management of real estate units are configurable and therefore managed directly within the application. The management of the contract automatically generates an “agenda” and an economic timetable that helps manage all the typical aspects of leasing agreements.
  • All processes are managed completely and vary from book keeping, registration and issuing of documents, creation of administrative and Home Banking systems, registration costs, automatic generation of flows to the Inland Revenue and printing module F24 ELIDE.
  • The reporting tool allows you to build dynamic analysis of all kinds managed within the system, using all the factors of cost / revenue by allowing the creation of books stored in the system. It is also possible to manage budget / forecast of costs / revenues that can be exported to the control management.