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Boxless - Think outside the box

Koooik Inc.
Store, search, secure and share files in a collaborative way

What is Boxless?

Boxless is a new solution for document storage and collaboration. We provide a window into your content, through which you can see all of the materials you have access to and can organize that in your own personal view. We provide a Boxless environment where materials are only stored once, where security is granular and concrete. But we don’t stop at just documents, we provide you with knowledge. You can see how people and content interact over time or at a single span of time. This allows for unparalleled search, security, and audit capabilities.

Boxless has 3 key values that DIFFERENTIATE it from all other “Box” solutions

  • One version of documents, but many views: Why have a box or another container for yet more data? With Boxless you store once, not twice or more, ensuring security, compliance, auditing and content consistency.
  • Capture Context: By adding a layer of intelligence over data and people’s interactions with it, we give enterprises amazing security, compliance, search, and audit capabilities.
  • Economics: We do not believe in charging by users because we are a private cloud focused solution. Enterprises have already paid for and have their own storage to leverage and a single store of each document means less storage is needed. We do not penalize the enterprise.

Boxless'' true collaborative approach and powerful integration capabilities make it the perfect solution for the Enterprise, where new work ethics and methodologies must co-exist with stricter security policies and compliance with current and future legislation.


Boxless is focused on collaboration

Boxless enables rule-based, secure user management, to allow simple and natural file sharing and collaboration.

Boxless not only synchronizes files between the different devices of a user, but also the devices of all other users who are on the same collaboration thread. Any file that is modified once it has been shared can be edited locally or online and automatically updated on all devices with one simple click.

Boxless also allows files to be shared with users outside its platform, always keeping shared information current, and significantly reducing the need for email exchange with cumbersome attachments that have no version control.