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CA Service Virtualization On Demand

CA Technologies
Unconstrained Development & Testing - Whenever, wherever, now easier with SV on Demand.

It’s okay to fake it when it comes to API Simulation

Software teams never have enough time. Our goal is to make the life of developers and testers easier so that you can spend more time playing video games and making fun of product managers. Service Virtualization (or SV) is the practice of capturing and simulating the behavior, data, and performance characteristics of dependent systems so that you can play it back at various stages during development and testing. STOP Stubbing and Mocking and START Modeling and Simulating with CA Service Virtualization on Demand.

With CA SV on Demand, you can…

—Find Defects Earlier

—Stop Waiting for Unavailable Systems

—Stop Paying for 3rd party services in dev/test

—Test Negative Scenarios

—Stop Writing Throw-away code

Remove your blockers today with a 30-day Trial of CA Service Virtualization on Demand.