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Deliver classic Windows or IE based applications to Windows 10 and mobile devices from Azure.


  • Deliver applications to Windows 10 devices, physical or virtual desktops and any device using Azure RemoteApp.
  • Administrators are able to push applications direct to RemoteApp collections without needing to update the template, or recreate the server collection.
  • Package Deploy offers full integration with enterprise software deployment tools; including System Center, LANDesk and AD Policies.
Please mail if you are interested in support for App-V Packages.

Deliver the following Applications

  • IE 6 to 11 based applications, including runtimes, browser settings and configurations.
  • Customized web applications
    • Reduce exposure to security vulnerabilities by preventing general web browsing, the user is restricted to the application’s URL.
    • Enforce a single instance of the application in a browser, or tab; for example in healthcare prevent medical staff inadvertently copying data into the wrong patient record.
  • Windows XP or 7 applications, and their dependencies, delivered to Windows 10. The application is able to use any other installed application or device; for example smart cards.
Please contact your Microsoft Partner, or to establish your specific requirements for the applications, and customisations you require.