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Developer Ninja -100+Stack- Swiss Knife For DevOps

Cognosys Inc.
Enterprise security at fraction of cost (< 1 cent/hr ) in Windows 2012 R2

This Image is made specially for Enterprise Customers who are looking for deploying a secured Developer Ninja installation instead of just putting up a vanilla install. Disclaimer: The respective trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by the respective companies.

Installation Instructions

1.The default installation path will be "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Stack_Name"

2.Default ports :External Endpoints: For Public Endpoints, Normally only below port(s) are Opened, although this can change from stack to stack. We recommend changing SSH and RDP ports to Non Standard ports and Putting ACL to your IP.

  • 80/443: Webservers( NATing done to Internal endpoints which are normally 8080/8443)
  • 3389: RDP( For Windows Servers Only-Please modify this to Non Standard Port)
  • 22: SSH( For Linux Servers Only-Please modify this to Non Standard Port)

3.Login Details: Username: azureuser || Password: Passw@rd123

4.Database Login: : MYSQL: Username: root || Password: Passw@rd123 SQL: Username: sa || Password: Passw@rd123

For more information on the Cognosys Secured Develpoer Ninja on Windows 2012 R2 visit our website.