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Cordis Solutions
myFIdoc – an SAP App that provides the SAP user with Excel based interface
myFidoc is an easy to use, intuitive application that provide’s the users with a single application to cover the key functionality to enter, review and approve accounting documents. It supports two user interfaces to enter in journals: •a web application •Excel templates The standard application facilitates the posting of general ledger journals, but can be extended to cover any finance document, posting to any ledger in SAP. The application also has reporting functionality to assist the users to keep track of the status of the journal created and thus facilitate a timely closure of an accounting period and/or sub-ledger.  Since the application uses the standard SAP workflow task functionality it can provide a full audit trail of the task, and the functionality can be extended to generate any bespoke auditing requirement. Cordis Solution’s MyFIdoc was awarded the 2015 SAP-MICROSOFT Unite Partner Connection Customer Impact and Value Award at SAP Sapphire Orlando, this latest award adds to our previous list of awards from SAP and Microsoft.