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deFacto Business Modeling and Planning

deFacto Global, Inc.
deFacto puts the power of intelligent and timely decision making and planning at your fingertips

deFacto puts the power of intelligent and timely decision making, planning and execution at the fingertips of any business manager. Using deFacto’s Business Modeler, business users can develop a model of their business, then use driver-based tools—including what-if analysis, scenarios assessment, budgeting, and forecasting—to help those managers evaluate the financial and operational impact of any set of business decisions or strategy, set goals, execute and manage their performance.

The deFacto Azure system is comprised of an Azure- based platform and a multitude of downloadable applications that run on the platform. Users can obtain or contribute deFacto model or apps in the deFacto Azure Marketplace. Specifically, the components of the deFacto platform include:

  • The deFacto Business Modeler Platform
  • deFacto Models
  • deFacto Model Exchange