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RemoteScan Enterprise

Securely scan documents in any virtual environment

RemoteScan Enterprise makes it easy to connect your scanners to an Azure Cloud environment.  It allows you to scan documents directly from within applications that are hosted in Azure, significantly reducing the number of steps required to get the scanned image to the virtual machine or server. With RemoteScan, scanned images are never stored on the physical endpoint– they are immediately transmitted to the Azure server, supporting a secure, compliant document scanning workflow.


  • Works with all TWAIN- and WIA-compliant scanners, cameras, and image capture devices
  • Enables fast scan speeds while maintaining image quality
  • Uses the secure virtual channels to transmit images
  • Allows you to lock down scanner settings to limit impact on network
  • Works with all TWAIN-compliant scanning applications
  • Allows scanners to be shared – any scanner can become a network scanner with RemoteScan

RemoteScan will provide 30 days free licensing before new licensing must be purchased and applied.