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contentCrawler for SharePoint

contentCrawler assesses image documents for bulk OCR conversion to smaller, text-searchable PDFs.

Enhance SharePoint Online capability to search image files

contentCrawler searches SharePoint Online libraries for image files such as TIFF and scanned PDFs, even within email attachments. Optical Character Recognition is used to add a text layer to a document to make it text searchable. The documents are profiled back into SharePoint with minimal intervention. contentCrawler can process documents 24/7, taking advantage of multithread processing.

2-minute overview of contentCrawler

Learn about running your free audit (15-mins video)

Contact DocsCorp for pricing information

contentCrawler cloud does not charge for use, but does require a subscription license to be purchased from DocsCorp to run in production. An audit process can be run without the license from DocsCorp, but you will be charged by Microsoft Azure for the hours the VM is running. The audit itself will run for 48 hours and there may be some additional hours used for reviewing results.

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