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Install Your IBM Domino Server within a click, licensed and ready to go!


Domino2Go is a complete solution for enterprises that want a simple way to host their IBM Domino servers and infrastructure. Rent from Our website and everything is set, hosting, installation and licensing, and You only pay for what You use!


The server image is licensed as a IBM Domino Enterprise server.  The cost is very modest and You pay just a monthly fee. No investments in neither hardware nor software liceses. Just add the number of users You need ( send us a email to, and we can arrange a good contract on this). For unauthenticated web users there is NO fee.


Feels that You need a good support partner for the Domino2Go server? We are a IBM Premier Business Partner with some of the worlds most educated and experienced consultants. We have a support contract for You! Just give us an e-mail or a call and we can set up a contract.