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InteGREAT4TFS 2015 Update 3

Extend TFS/VSTS: WI Baseline, Simulation and Traceability Matrix capabilities: any process template
Extend TFS with Baselining, WI Visualization, Review Management, Use Case creation and Traceability Management inteGREAT4TFS is web application using TFS/VSTS as the application server. Baseline4TFS provides users with the ability to baseline TFS workitems, view all baselines and compare different versions of work items. It enables users to copy work items from one project to another. Having a baseline on each project allows users to monitor current project performance, manage release scope and also to improve the accuracy of future estimates. Simulation4TFS helps users to manage project requirements visually by creating mockups. It enables users to visualize the requirements in design mode by using a set of pre-defined controls, and then in turn link them with TFS work items in the connected team project. Traceability4TFS helps users to easily manage and track changes made to any given work item within TFS/VSTS. The tool provides complete “coverage” between the different types of requirements artifacts which help users to avoid the common, expensive mistakes of missed or conflicting or outdated requirements. It enables users to efficiently add/remove relationships between records, helping users to plan, track and analyze the different requirements in a project.