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Elastacloud Ltd
Big Data Cluster, cohesive and ready to build your solutions

Big Data Clusters

We recommend you use A3, A4 or A5 images.

The Brisk Engine provisions clusters of Virtual Machines configured cohesively to solve common Data Science challanges.

Brisk prepares, provisions and optimises your Big Data solutions and enabled with your team to deliver data insight. Our Services allow our customers to access leading Azure thought leadership, technology optimisation, future version competence and a famous passion for Cloud technologies at elastic scale. Brisk is the ultimate Big Data provisioning engine for Azure. Using Brisk you can build clusters running Apache Spark with up to 3.2Tb of RAM at their disposal, running one of a choice of managed builds including various combinations of tools that allows you to get up and running with Spark in minutes. Brisk enables Spark for a wider set of use cases; empowering developers and data scientists to build clusters of varying scale and to deliver real value quickly.