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FlowForma, a business process enablement tool, allows users to automate workflows with ease & speed.

An Intuitive and Integrated Product

An innovative business process enablement product, FlowForma sits on the proven SharePoint platform. Seamlessly integrating people and processes with custom workflows, FlowForma automatically moves information through a sequence of actions or tasks related to a process. Resources may be assigned to steps and business rules defined to determine when questions and steps require completion.

As forms are filled in, they may be saved, redirected, and actioned. A system of programmable email alerts, governed by business rules, communicates progress on forms to relevant resources. FlowForma easily integrates with 3rd party systems and is a much more cost effective solution to alternative software development services.

Document Generator

FlowForma document generation allows you to embed advanced document generation functionality into your flow.

The generator allows you to dynamically create complete documents based on one or multiple document templates by adding data from your form fields to your templates. This way, the content of your documents will be customised for the intended recipient.