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Fluid Mobility
G-Enforcer enables dynamic enforcement of security policies, increased safety and lower mobile costs

G-Enforcer's Location-based Intelligence

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in the enterprise. Whether provided as a productivity tool or a personal device enabled to access enterprise information, mobile devices challenge the balance between enterprise risk and productivity. Many organizations have been forced to lock down mobile devices to protect against unauthorized access to confidential information or potential exposure of enterprise intellectual property.

Fluid Mobility’s G-Enforcer enables enterprises to address these challenges by using location-based Intelligence from any mobile device to establish policies and manage devices from a central administration console. The G-Enforcer solution enables you to set location-based policies to quickly configure and update device settings dynamically, over-the-air, to improve security, productivity, user experience and safety. With G-Enforcer, you can manage your entire mobile fleet of BlackBerry, Android, IOS and Windows devices from a single, easy to use admin console.