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IMC Process Guidance Suite

This ready-to-use platform guides users through complex software or business processes.

The IMC Process Guidance Suite has been designed as an electronic support system to boost employee performance in their daily activities. The software leads users step-by-step through complex business processes and IT landscapes.

Following the micro-learning principle where learning is broken into bite-sized chunks, the Process Guidance Suite aims to provide direct support to the end user at a time when the application is in use— be it an ERP or CRM system, an office solution, web service or personalized software. The user receives relevant hints and tips for the current activity in the form of text, videos, links or screenshots. This helps the user to fluidly and proficiently operate even the most complex software systems.

In addition to these context-relevant tips, the Process Guidance system offers step-by-step navigation to guide the user through complex processes, even across multiple platforms, and enables one-on-one support for the user to carry out company-specific work processes. This drastically improves the user´s proficiency of the processes, especially in the case of either rarely performed processes or those performed by frequently changing staff members.