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Solve your video delivery problem: the solution, a self-service trial, and useful resources

Kollective solves enterprise video delivery challenges by routing secure, high quality live video streams on your existing network infrastructure. Kollective’s Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) doesn’t require hardware additions or changes. It orchestrates both an enterprise’s network infrastructure and its end-user devices into an adaptive, continuously optimizing, fully distributed content delivery and edge-caching system.

SD ECDN Self-Service Trial, crafted for the IT Pro, is a live interaction that lets you experience how a portion of Kollective’s video delivery system behaves in a network environment. You will set-up three Virtual Machine’s (VM), including Kollective agents. Once set-up, you will start a live video stream on one of the VM’s, designated as a LAN Leader. Watch the LAN Leader share the stream with two other VMs. Stop and start the video stream and watch the distributed algorithms in action as the Kollective agents elect a new LAN Leader, without compromising quality across all streams.