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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro is used to store, share and manage privilege passwords and digital certificates

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a web-based, privileged password management solution tailored for enterprises. It securely stores and manages sensitive information such as shared passwords, documents, and digital identities.


  • Centralized vault to securely store passwords (AES-256 encryption), reinforced with access control workflows for safer sharing.
  • Rapid discovery mechanism to easily detect and enumerate all privileged accounts including service accounts on the network.
  • Automated, periodic password resets of Windows service accounts and other sensitive accounts.
  • Secure API for applications to fetch passwords from the vault, eliminating the need to hard code passwords.
  • First-in-class remote login mechanism to launch highly secure RDP, SSH, and Telnet sessions with a single click.
  • Session recording to capture privileged RDP and SSH session activities on video for future forensic audits.
  • Well-architected, high-availability modules for speedy disaster recovery.

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