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A multipurpose IT tool to Move and Share Between Business Groups and Applications

PointMatter is a multi-purpose tool that helps IT share and move data between business groups, external entities and IT supported applications.

PointMatter collects, cleanses, converts, collates and moves data between business groups, applications and IT. Our customers use PointMatter for EDI, MDM, Data Quality, BI, analytical store, data migration/conversion and enterprise data sharing. It is a cost effective way to move data into and within your organization.

PointMatter comes with free installation and configuration. Send us and e-mail or fill out a service request and we will schedule a consultation to determine if PointMatter is right for your organization. LogicMatter also provides on-going services to help your project succeed.

A popular feature of PointMatter is the familiarity and power of an Excel template-based approach to define data flow, metadata and the rules to collect, cleanse, convert, collate and move data between source and target.

PointMatter uses a simple three step approach (Import, Transform and Export) to move data between systems. This enables IT teams to engage business users, define the metadata and manage data processing between systems. PointMatter reduces IT cost and the engineering effort needed to support data sharing in and between organizations.