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RedPoint Data Management™

RedPoint Global Inc.
Drag-and-drop interface makes designing and executing data management processes easy

A Single Data Management Application that Spans Hybrid Environments

There are mountains of data available to help your organization make better business decisions. The trick is integrating and transforming that data to make it useful in unlocking business value. RedPoint Data Management™ makes it easy by providing a single, integrated application that allows you to manage data quality and data integration at the same time.

Cleanse data rapidly – standardizing, geo-coding, matching, linking, and more – while also creating and maintaining persistent keys to ensure quality is maintained over time. Extract, transform and deliver any data – structured or unstructured — to or from any source with market-leading speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Don’t take our word for it. Download the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Quality Tools Report and see how RedPoint stacks up against its competitors:

If you’re interested in RedPoint Data Management download the following checklist & order form RedPoint Data Management Client\Environmental Details then complete each of the required setup steps in order to customize RedPoint Data Management™ for your virtual environment.