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ScaleArc for MySQL

Database load balancing software that increases app availability and performance

30 Day Free Trial Available - ScaleArc database load balancing software inserts transparently between applications and databases to provide zero downtime for apps. The software delivers automatic failover, load balancing, read/write split, instant scalability, real-time analytics, and other availability and performance features for your SQL databases. Transparent deployment means ScaleArc provides these capabilities with no changes to your app or database. Additional features include: authentication offload and connection pooling to reduce latency and network I/O; transparent, agentless pattern-based query caching that requires no app mods; real-time stats that allow you to see your SQL traffic, server loads; deep performance analytics that allow you to find troublesome query patterns instantly and add them to caching or blocking rules; query surge queueing that prevents database crashes under high load; and query routing for scaling writes.

Minimum recommended virtual machine core size for this image is 4 cores.