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Double-Take MOVE

Vision Solutions
Double-Take® MOVE migrates physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads with real-time replication.

Double-Take Move allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud based Windows server workloads with real-time replication from a single, intuitive user console. Protect your productivity with technology that eliminates user and application downtime during migrations. Double-Take Move migrates your entire server including the system state, applications, file system, permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings without suspending production operations. All system and application data is moved while it is live and online and Double-Take Move ensures the write order integrity for all migrated data.

Anything to Anything Migrations
  • Migrates between any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud platforms
  • Hardware independence between server and storage hardware
  • Hypervisor independence between different virtual and cloud platforms
  • Automatically provisions new virtual machines on Hyper-V and vSphere - no manual configuration required
  • Near-Zero Downtime Migrations
  • Captures all changes that users make during the migration and replicates them to the new server in real-time
  • Migrates the entire system or just file or application data for standard or custom file and application servers and even domain controllers
  • Migrations can be performed during business hours or at any time that makes sense for your business
  • Simple, Flexible Configuration
  • Provides flexibility in IT architecture through the ability to replicate changes to/from Microsoft Azure to/from any location, locally or globally
  • Simplifies heterogeneous migrations – new Microsoft Azure server configurations can have a different number of drives, drive sizes, CPUs or memory than the original source
  • Microsoft Azure-specific prelaunch checks to ensure servers are configured correctly
  • Risk free migrations – test cutovers allow the freedom of mind knowing that the migration will work when it is time