IBM Maximo Application Suite (client-managed)

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IBM Maximo Application Suite (client-managed)

IBM Software

An asset management platform to optimize equipment performance and extend asset lifecycles.

Built on a remarkable 30-year legacy, Maximo offers best-practice industry solutions and extensions to address an organization's unique needs. We provide industrial leaders with a single solution to manage assets, schedules. resources, processes, inventories, and expenses. Providing unmatched visibility and control across the enterprise, Maximo is the right solution to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs with highly configurable CMMS, EAM and APM applications in a single product.

- Optimize and automate asset management and maintenance to improve operational performance and decrease total cost of ownership
- Increase production uptime with more accurate alerts and anomaly detection
- Improve operational productivity, driven by ability to analyze data with AI and IoT, as you transition from reactive to predictive maintenance
- Empower field technicians with the right asset data and increase first-time fix rates
- Use just the applications you need with simplified licensing and usage
- Flexible deployment models

Suite Structure
Maximo Application Suite includes the following applications

  • Manage - intelligent asset management
  • Scheduler - schedule work and resources
  • Monitor - monitor and detect anomalies
  • Health - 360-degree view of assets
  • Predict - predict failures earlier
  • Mobile - technician work execution
  • Assist - prescriptive assistance
  • Visual Inspection - anomaly detection via image and video analysis
  • IT – IT/OT Service and Asset management
IBM Maximo Application Suite license, purchased using this listing page, includes Red Hat OpenShift entitlement to run IBM Maximo Application Suite. A separate purchase of Red Hat OpenShift license is not required. This is not a SaaS product listing. Client is expected to provision infrastructure, install products, manage, and operate the IBM Maximo Application Suite environment on Azure.

Contact your IBM Sales Representative for a customized subscription contract (Private Offer) with recommended configuration and negotiated pricing. Please visit for additional information.

For a fixed contract (Public Offer), subscribe for IBM Maximo Application Suite, with 500 AppPoints and a term of 12 months.
For a custom contract (Private Offer), contact your IBM Sales Representative, email or visit

The Buyer must complete the registration page at the end of the subscription process. A welcome email from IBM will outline the process to obtain Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) pull secret and IBM Maximo Application Suite entitlement key. These artifacts are required for product deployment. Client should visit the IBM Maximo Application Suite (BYOL) listing page to invoke the deployment scripts.
Product Version: 8.11.x

Supported cluster sizes:
* Small: Master Nodes (Standard_D8s_v3 x 3) - vCPU:24 Memory:96GB | Worker Nodes (Standard_D16s_v3 x 3) - vCPU:48 Memory:192GB | Bootnode (Standard_D2s_v3 x 1) - vCPU:2 Memory:8GB
* Medium: Master Nodes (Standard_D8s_v3 x 3) - vCPU:24 Memory:96GB | Worker Nodes (Standard_D16s_v3 x 5) - vCPU:80 Memory:320GB | Bootnode (Standard_D2s_v3 x 1) - vCPU:2 Memory:8GB
* Large: Master Nodes (Standard_D8s_v3 x 5) - vCPU:40 Memory:160GB | Worker Nodes (Standard_D16s_v3 x 7) - vCPU:112 Memory:448GB | Bootnode (Standard_D2s_v3 x 1) - vCPU:2 Memory:8GB

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