Refresh non-productive SAP® systems easily

Libelle AG

Refresh non-productive SAP® systems easily

Libelle AG

Libelle SystemCopy is a software solution to completely automate SAP system and landscape copies

Automate and accelerate homogeneous SAP system and landscape copies with Libelle SystemCopy (LSC), including all the pre and post work. It furnishes ready-to-go QA or test systems with fresh production data.

LSC comes with nearly 500 pre-configured tasks covering all steps required for a typical refresh. A powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use orchestration and automation engine drives the process of building, configuring, and cascading templates across your SAP landscape. The execution of refreshes and exception handling is managed through a highly-functional GUI.

Why use Libelle SystemCopy?

  • Satisfy departments’ requirements for frequent system refreshes, even on demand
  • Maximize and standardize quality of refreshes
  • Reduce SAP Basis administrators’ effort

Key Facts!

  • One-click-operation for refreshing SAP systems
  • Full end-to-end automation
  • Massive reduction of runtime
  • Constant quality of refreshes
  • Independence from the availability of individuals, e.g. due to vacation or illness
  • Flexible and low-risk
  • Best Practices
  • Optional: integration of GDPR / anonymization
  • Integration of non-SAP applications

Libelle SystemCopy thoroughly standardizes system refreshes. Fully automated and orchestrated execution provides highly-predictable results and rapid execution times. Intelligent optimization functions, such as accelerated BDLS conversions, reduce the refresh window from days to hours. With LSC in place, you can complete more refreshes in less time.

In addition, the integration of other tools is possible, e.g. for data masking and -anonymization. Likewise, other scenarios are supported such as the creation of System clones or client copies.

Libelle SystemCopy is optimized for use with Microsoft Azure.

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