MongoDB Atlas on Azure for IoT

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB Atlas on Azure for IoT

MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB developer data platform for IoT applications

Run fully managed MongoDB on Azure with MongoDB Atlas, a developer data platform that gives you the versatility, flexibility, scalability and intuitiveness you need to rapidly build a variety of IoT applications and solve IoT data challenges. Leveraging native time series collections and real-time analytics, users can achieve full IoT data lifecycle management from ingestion, tiering, storage, analysis and visualization to data archiving. Atlas provides a first-class developer experience through a flexible document data model and unified query interface, while meeting the most demanding IoT application requirements for resilience, scale, and data privacy.

What's Inside

  • Flexible Document Model: Use the object orientation and flexibility of the document model to describe and store huge quantities of diverse device instances and telemetry data

  • Dynamic Horizontal Scalability: Collect, process and analyze vast amounts of IoT data in real-time with workload isolation, automatic up and down, and horizontal scaling

  • Global and High Availability: Atlas Clusters are fault-tolerant and self-healing by default. Deploy across multiple regions for even better guarantees and low-latency local reads

  • Embedded Database for IoT & Mobile Devices: Store and analyze data with an object-oriented embedded database on resource-constrained edge (Node.js, C++... ) or mobile devices (Swift, Kotlin…)

  • Device to Cloud Sync: Bridge the gap between edge/mobile device and MongoDB Atlas with bidirectional delta synchronization on the field level and deterministic conflict resolution using Atlas Device Sync

  • Rapid Device Connectivity: Stream IoT events at scale into MongoDB time series collections using Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub and the MongoDB Kafka Connectors

  • IoT Downstream Analytics: Utilize MongoDB Spark Connector to apply Spark libraries for machine learning, streaming and graph processing on top of your IoT data

  • Security from the Start: Always-on authentication, network isolation, end-to-end encryption, and role-based access controls keep your IoT data protected.

  • Fully Supported: MongoDB Atlas Pro provides access to proactive, consultative support. The same team that builds the database helps you throughout your entire application lifecycle. Customers can ask MongoDB experts an unlimited number of questions, 24 x 365, globally

If the listed plans don’t meet your requirements, we can create a private offer. Please reach out to or to discuss.