Assist for Microsoft Teams

Kyvoo, LLC

Assist for Microsoft Teams

Kyvoo, LLC

Assist is a Microsoft Teams native answering system with fully controlled generative AI.

Assist saves employees valuable time:

      • It significantly reduces the load on HR, accounting, IT, and other services.
      • It quickly answers employee questions directly in Teams using a curated question and answer database populated from your existing documentation.
      • Users can reduce the time it takes to get the information needed to be productive.
      • Employees using Assist complete day-to-day tasks efficiently, and it serves as a link to internal services.
      • Assist is the one place where all employees can get consistent access to company news, policies, and other critical information.
      • White label Assist to reflect your internal brand and make it available to all your Teams users.
      • Assist runs completely in your existing Azure tenancy, maintaining all existing compliance and governance.

Just like your customers, your employees expect support to be available continuously, to get the answers and assistance they need fast, seamlessly, and on their preferred channel.

Assist integrates with your existing Microsoft 365/Azure solutions and provides the following:

      • Proactive interaction, accessible to your employees 24/7
      • The latest AI technologies in language processing
      • Deep, meaningful engagement with employees
      • User-friendly and intuitive interface that contextualizes questions and answers
      • A powerful tool for creating automation scenarios via natural language
      • Integration with existing tools and cloud services

The more Assist is used, the better it gets.

Designed to roll out with answers to more than 80% of predicted question volume, Assist improves as it’s used. Any Subject Matter Expert (SME) can propose new questions and answers or modifications to existing ones. Then, through a fully audited process, approved users can review and accept, reject, or modify the suggestion. Modifications are then automatically published to improve the experience.

Context, Multi-turn, Automation

Assist is context aware, allowing users to interact with the system using natural language questions. It automatically evaluates questions and infers if follow up questions relate to the previous questions. The result is a comfortable and natural dialogue of relevant answers presented in a way users expect.

As an example, if a user asks “How much is our 401K match” and then follows up with “How do I change my contribution”, Assist knows they want to modify their 401k contribution.

Just like a call decision tree, multiple questions can be built together to help employees get to the right outcome in the shortest time possible. Assist can even recall and integrate multiple user answers into a response, or forward them to an automation.

Plug and Play

Get started quickly by reviewing, editing, and publishing answers to the most common questions. Automate answers to frequently asked questions about compensation, absence, IT, and more.

Integrated with the tools you have

Connect seamlessly to existing systems like ServiceNow, SAP SuccessFactors, SalesForce, Workday, and more with 1-click integrations.


All data and systems reside on your existing Azure tenant. Access and control are through your existing Azure Active Directory (AAD). All your controls are maintained through role-based access control (RBAC). Approval and editing of the data set is only allowed by approved users, although anyone can suggest changes. There is a full audit trail of all actions.


Creating the required resources in your Azure environment can be done in as little as one day. Rollout can happen in as little as a week.

Want to know more?

Email and we’ll setup a demonstration, where you can interact see how easy it is to use and manage.

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