Fireblocks, Inc.


Fireblocks, Inc.

Fireblocks: The Most Secure Way to Enter the Digital Asset Ecosystem

Enterprise Crypto Treasury Management
Fireblocks’ removes the complexities of crypto treasury management by providing a highly secure storage and scalable operational infrastructure to build, run and scale a digital asset business. The Fireblocks platform enables direct control and access to your digital assets with enterprise-grade wallets, configurable policy controls and a seamless dashboard to view and transfer assets.

Configurable Access and Governance
Fireblocks’ configurable admin quorum defines the administrative requirements to approve digital asset transfers and policy changes. The admin quorum prevents insider attacks, such as a malicious administrator trying to whitelist their personal wallet address to steal funds. Fireblocks requires two factor authentication for all users and integrates with the leading software and hardware authentication providers.

MPC Wallet-as-a-Service
Fireblocks combines our MPC-CMP wallets with hardware enclave isolation in multiple cloud environments to create a multi-layer security defense. This eliminates a single point of failure and insulates digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

The Most Connected Institutional Asset Transfer Network
The Fireblocks Network provides fast and secure digital asset transfers with more than 1,400 of the largest exchanges, liquidity providers, lending desks, banks, and market makers. The Network automatically authenticates deposit addresses between counterparties to avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

One Dashboard To Manage All Digital Asset Accounts
The Fireblocks user interface is a simple dashboard to view and manage all of your digital assets across wallets, connected accounts, and DeFi applications. Users can easily rebalance accounts or securely transfer funds to connected counterparties over the Fireblocks Network.

Configurable Compliance and IT Risk Policies
Fireblocks Policy Engine allows configurable risk and operational controls to meet your regulatory requirements. Define rules that automatically dictate how transactions are handled and approved. A rule can set whether a transaction is blocked, approved, or requires additional signers using a wide range of filters.

Integrations with KYT/AML Providers
Fireblocks provides integrations with leading AML/KYT providers Chainalysis and Elliptic for automated deposit and withdrawal screening, risk scoring, frozen and pending transaction management, audit logs and a customer defined policy engine.

End-to-End Tokenization Engine
Fireblocks Tokenization Engine enables users to easily deploy stablecoins and security tokens, as well as, manage the full asset lifecycle from issuance and custody to distribution and trading on secondary marketplaces. Fireblocks provides a powerful and easy-to-use operations dashboard to effectively manage token operations across your entire token ecosystem.

Institutional Standards for Security, Privacy and Cloud
Fireblocks security has achieved SOC II Type 2 granted by Ernst & Young, is the only digital asset platform with three ISO certifications (27001, 27017, 27018), and is pen tested by COMSEC & NCC Group.