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Secure E-Mail Gateway NoSpamProxy

Convenient security and complete protection of your e-mail communications.

Is your corporation struggling to meet today's e-mail security requirements? E-mail security gains in importance on a daily basis but the organisation of it can be quite challenging. NoSpamProxy combines four selectable modules to provide a convenient and secure e-mail communication for your corporation

  • NoSpamProxy Protection
  • NoSpamProxy Encryption
  • NoSpamProxy Large Files
  • NoSpamProxy Disclaimer

Key technical benefits

  • Growing anti-malware intelligence through a global metadata system
  • Proactive real-time protection with an integrated Zero-Hour solution
  • Fully automated certificate management
  • Supports S/MIME standard 4.0
  • Compliance with all legal requirements & GDPR
  • Multi-tenancy capability

End user benefits

  • Automated features are significantly reducing administrative overhead
  • Outlook Add-Ins provide an effortless integration
  • Works without any media disruption
  • Zero-Downtime
  • Modular selection of features & functions

What our customers say

„Immediately after implementation, selected employees were able to send their emails encrypted in accordance with a central policy, without any changes to the way they were used to using their email client.“
  • Kai Schychowski, Komatsu Mining Germany


NoSpamProxy is an in-house development by the German-based company Net at Work and a leading Security Mail Gateway in Europe. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we set our focus on user friendliness and a protection of high quality.

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