Identity Troubleshooter


Identity Troubleshooter


Identity Troubleshooter

Enable your IT Service Desk to quickly get to the core of critical identity issues. Identity Troubleshooter is fully adapted to your environments, automatically scanning for account issues.

Time-consuming ticket analysis?

Speed up the initial investigation of the issue from 30 to 5 minutes.

Misassigned tasks?

Our solution will assign the tickets to the right technical team.

Not enough data?

Get clear directions on what needs to be done to solve the problem.


1 Discovery - Talk to us about your key problems and let’s map out the lifecycle of a user account in your organization.

2 Setup - We work with you on defining a cloud application architecture that will work in your environment.

3 Delivery - Get a dedicated troubleshooting cloud application built on services like Powershell,  Azure Automation Runbooks,  Azure Logic App,  Azure Log Analytics.

4 Training - Receive full support for your Service Desk / Help Desk teams with learning how to use the tool. Your IT team will also get all the necessary documentation and information for app maintenance.