Oracle/PostgreSQL Migration: 6-Weeks Assessment


Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL Database Migration Assessment and Conversion Tooling and Services. Custom pricing and assessment/conversion duration

Akvelon Migration solution Toolkit is an instrument to assess and migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL to Microsoft Azure services. Automatic Assessment report helps to evaluate Oracle schema complexity and points out major migration risks. Akvelon Migration Toolkit does PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL automatic assessment, code translation, and helps the team reduce efforts for application conversion.

The migration is performed to Azure PostgreSQL databases infrastructure with an option to use state-of-the-art Flexible Server solution. Additional services to migrate the application infrastructure or to handle more complex iterative migrations from an extended legacy infrastructure are available as a part of the service. Akvelon provides end-to-end customizable services from the beginning of the project through all phases until the delivery to production. Our specialists would recommend and help leverage any Azure Cloud solutions and functions necessary for project delivery.

The primary outcome of the migration is an assessment on the migration and a fully operational database running in Azure Cloud, enabled with metrics monitoring setup and dashboard as well as an authentication and authorization configuration based on Azure AD. The deployment and ongoing operations are managed via the dedicated Azure ARM templates.