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Azure Data Center Migration: 4 Week Implementation

Communication Square LLC

Spend less and achieve more by moving your data center to the cloud. Migrate your data to Azure with the help of industry-leading Microsoft certified experts.

Communication Square has more than 7 years of hands-on experience with Microsoft technologies and solutions. Its Azure Datacenter Migration solution will not only ensure a smooth migration to the cloud, but we will also keep our promise of zero downtime during the migration.

The migration process will follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Assessment: Our experts would assess your existing environment and engage with you to understand your custom needs. Regardless of how many applications your organization is maintaining, we will help map on-premises applications to better identify and understand the dependencies.
  • Planning: We would devise a plan for the migration after understanding your specific needs and requirements and what suits you the best. The findings of assessment phase would be put to test along with the migration strategies.
  • Azure Setup: Whether you want to Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect or Rebuild an environment on Azure, we will help you in setting up everything on the cloud that best fits your requirements.
  • Migration: Your workload would be lifted and shifted on the cloud by applying recommended storage type, availability sets, and network based on the assessment phase and then replicating VMs or physical servers on Azure.
  • Optimization: In the final phase, we would help you test, analyze and optimize the migration. New capabilities would be added if required based on the workload and machines monitoring data.

Along with this, industry-leading security practices would be used to ensure that the protection of your workload is never compromised on cloud and compliance requirements are met according to your industry needs.

Please note that maximum limit of data is 2 TB and maximum number of VMs is 10.