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360 Degree Security System: 4 week Implementation

Communication Square LLC

Implementation: 360 Degree Security System – Complete view of your Security Posture

This Azure based offer is for every company who wants to be fully aware of what is happening in their IT infrastructure.

Many companies believe having an anti-virus installed and setting up firewall protection is enough to secure their infrastructure. Truth: The main issue plaguing companies where security is concerned is struggling with security tools that are difficult to setup and manage so they can secure their IT infrastructure.

This offer includes up to 50 hours of T&M assistance and consulting efforts. ($195/hour additional services) If you already completed our Proof of Concept here, you are eligible for a USD 3,000 Flat Discount.


  1. You receive a Demo of our own Production Environment showing an ideal use case of 360 Degree Security System in action!
  2. You receive report and analyze your existing server infrastructure and list down everything that needs to be monitored and secured
  3. You receive a Security Guide explaining the security features you should enable immediately and how they will help you understand activity in your existing environment
  4. You receive a "Crack the Code" Training Series to ensure you are always on top of your security
  5. You receive a Threat Remedy Guide to quickly mitigate threat as soon as you get a high severity alert
  6. You receive Complete Infrastructure Assessment explaining the costs you will incur in production
  7. You get FREE one-time 360 Degree Security System setup for each of your virtual machines
  8. 360 Degree Security System showing complete view of your security posture across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure

About Communication Square

Communication Square LLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner that focuses on data. We strongly believe the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but rather data. The effective use of data is what can make or break a business. If the same data gets in the hands of competitors or is stolen - it can completely wipe-out a business.