Enterprise Data Security with RMS: 2-week Imp

Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc.

Cloud 9 Infosystems Inc. has a goal to ensure that our clients can always keep their most valued enterprise data confidential, secure and private.

Organizations no longer operate within their own perimeter as data is traveling between users, devices, apps, and services more than ever before and protecting your perimeter, users, or devices does not guarantee the protection of your data as it travels outside of corporate boundaries.

Our proprietary integration of Office 365 + Azure AD + RMS + Log analytics will provide 24/7 protection for your data using an AES 256 Bit Encryption throughout the life-cycle of the data. This will allow you to send and receive confidential data only to people authorized to view it. The user process is easy and the data is secured by just selecting the labels based on the file sensitivity. This process can be also automated by configuring certain keywords which will automatically label the desired file based on these keywords.


  • RMS provides one-click functionality to classify data they’re working on.

  • Protect data at the time of creation or modification based on the source.

  • Once data is labeled, additional protection can be applied based on the requirement.

  • Data protection controls are integrated into Microsoft Office and other common applications.

  • Block Copying / Pasting / Screenshots and Printing.

  • Share data safely with users within your organization as well as with your clients and partners.

  • Users can define who can access data and what they can do with it based on the use of rights policy.

  • Users can track all activities on shared data and revoke access if necessary.

  • Analyse data flows to gain insight into your business.

  • Detect risky behaviors and take corrective measures.

  • Track access to documents & prevent data leakage or misuse.

  • IT can use powerful logging and reporting to monitor, analyze, and report on the shared data.

  • Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements, including FIPS 140-2, HSMs, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, SOC, HIPAA BAA, EU Model Clause, PCI DSS, and more. 

Let’s get your data secured!