Cloud 3-Week Assessment


Unlock your business's full potential with an Azure cloud assessment. Seamlessly migrate, optimize costs, and scale for success in today's digital world.

The primary objective is to conduct a holistic analysis of your organization's current on-premises IT landscape, with a specific focus on assessing the feasibility, cost, and benefits of migrating to Azure. This analysis will go beyond a simple lift and shift approach and encompass a per-application analysis to identify opportunities for modernization and optimization, ultimately driving cost efficiency in the cloud.

Proposed Approach

We propose the following approach to achieve the desired results for this holistic business case and your cloud migration and modernization ambitions:

Feasibility Assessment

  • A comprehensive examination of the costs associated with lifting and shifting your on-premises applications to Azure, considering factors such as data transfer, storage, compute resources, and licensing. This analysis will provide a clear understanding of the financial implications of the migration. In this case, Microsoft performs this data and infrastructure assessment as a service for your organization, and Microsoft will deliver a detailed report.


  • A comprehensive report that assesses the feasibility and complexity of migrating your selected applications. It includes a detailed calculation of the projected costs on Azure cloud for the resources in scope. The report also identifies potential optimizations and provides an estimate of the landing zone costs. Additionally, the report can be expanded to include an assessment of modernization for each application, proposing a high-level design, and associated costs.

Application Modernization Assessment

  • A detailed assessment of each application's suitability for modernization and optimization in Azure. This analysis will consider various factors, such as application architecture, scalability requirements, performance enhancements, and integration possibilities with Azure-native services. It will also highlight potential cost optimizations that can be achieved through modernization efforts. Through Microsoft Application Assessment program, up to 25 applications can be assessed using Cloud Pilot. For applications not being assessed by Cloud Pilot or applications that would need a more detailed analysis, we propose our DexMach Application Modernization Analysis and Design approach.

Migration Plan (after Assessment)

  • The migration plan, derived from the holistic business case assessment, combines the findings from both the data and infrastructure assessment and the comprehensive application modernization assessment. This plan outlines the strategic approach and actionable steps for migrating your organization's IT landscape to the Azure cloud environment.

Cloud Migration and Modernization (after Migration Plan)

  • Our cloud migration and modernization approach is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud while maximizing transparency and collaboration with our customers. One of the key features of our approach is the utilization of a unique migration dashboard1 that provides a comprehensive overview of the applications in scope for migration. This dashboard includes weekly updates, categorization of applications, their criticality, and dependencies, enabling customer stakeholders to easily track and follow up on the migration process.

Cloud Cost Optimization (after Application Migration and Modernization)

  • Once workloads are running in your cloud environment, an evaluation of the cloud spending patterns, including an analysis of resource utilization, reserved instances, and rightsizing opportunities. This analysis will identify strategies to optimize costs and maximize the return on investment (ROI) in the cloud environment.

The pricing may vary depending on the scope and requirements of your project. For detailed information about this offer, please reach out to us.