Azure Cloud Foundation: 3-Wk Design & Implementation


This program sets up a 'landing zone,' facilitates its implementation, and imparts Azure workload expertise via Cloud Adoption Framework.


The Cloud Foundation Program is a comprehensive solution designed to assist customers in defining and implementing Azure Landing Zones. This program encompasses a range of essential components and services, offering a structured approach to create a solid foundation for your cloud infrastructure.

Value Proposition

With the Cloud Foundation Program, we aim to provide a robust infrastructure framework and a knowledge transfer mechanism for successfully building and managing your Azure environment. Our primary focus is on creating a secure, compliant, and efficient landing zone, supported by a host of benefits and valuable resources.

Key Benefits

  • Establish a Robust Landing Zone: We define a strong base 'landing zone' and develop application architectures on top of it, ensuring your Azure environment is built on a solid foundation.
  • Hands-on Experience: Gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience running Azure workloads using the Cloud Adoption Framework. This includes insights into cost management, operational excellence, reliability, and security.
  • Customized Standards: Our experts organize workshops to help you define standards for subscriptions, rights management, naming conventions, network connectivity, security, and management services. This includes essential aspects like monitoring and backup.
  • Compliance and Security by Design: Through automation, we ensure that the cloud environment is implemented in a controlled manner, guaranteeing compliance and security by design.


The Cloud Foundation Program delivers the following components:

  1. Azure Foundation Project Steps: A standard approach to guide you through the process of creating your Azure Landing Zone.
  2. Collateral: Default input documents and presentations to support each project step.
  3. Workshop Slideware: Access to workshop materials and deck links to facilitate discussions and knowledge transfer.
  4. OneTeam Topic Guidelines: Assist in engaging with customers and defining key discussion points.
  5. Flexible Templating and Delivery Options: Technically, you can choose the templating language and delivery tools that best suit your needs, allowing flexibility in implementation hours.

By choosing the Cloud Foundation Program, you are adopting a best-practice, standard approach to Azure Landing Zones. This ensures that your cloud environment is not only efficient but also secure and compliant, ultimately supporting the success of your Azure projects.

The pricing may vary depending on the scope and requirements of your project. For detailed information about this offer, please reach out to us.