CENTERSIGHT scale - Your flexible IoT solution

Device Insight GmbH

(1 Azure Marketplace ratings)

CENTERSIGHT scale - Your flexible IoT solution

Device Insight GmbH

(1 Azure Marketplace ratings)

CENTERSIGHT scale combines Azure services with ready-to-use IoT applications for flexible solutions

With CENTERSIGHT scale we connect the best of both worlds: We combine system integration on Microsoft Azure with ready-to-use IoT applications into one framework that can be adapted flexibly and easily in order to build a fully customized enterprise-grade IoT solution.

CENTERSIGHT scale at a glance:

  • Native Azure integration:
    Leverage the full potential of all Azure services and integrate your own storage accounts without moving any data out of your subscription

  • Dashboards:
    Individually configurable dashboards per asset and asset group with numerous widgets

  • Trend analyses:
    Easy visualization of time series by selecting arbitrary time ranges and data points

  • Fleet management:
    Individual and transparent dashboards over the entire fleet or fleet parts, visualization of status information, events and (historical) position data

  • Multidimensional master data management and modeling:
    Extensive master data management, flexible grouping of assets (asset groups) and modeling of complex data structures

  • Role and rights management:
    Easy management of access rights for users and user groups according to specific role definitions as well as grouping of user groups in the desired custom UI layout

  • Ready-to-use UI framework:
    Dashboarding, asset and user management, trend views and search function - intuitive, flexibly extendable and with multilingual support

Your benefits:

Speed: CENTERSIGHT scale's ready-made IoT components and their native integration in Microsoft Azure enable you to implement IoT use cases within a few weeks and achieve an ROI very quickly.

Flexibility and openness: New functionalities and features can be added easily. The IoT solution grows with your individual requirements, without the functional limitations of a predefined SaaS solution - Think big, start small.

User-centric: CENTERSIGHT scale's building blocks can be customized to your use case and your users' needs - true user focus instead of feature overload.

Data sovereignty and design freedom: We offer you CENTERSIGHT scale in a flexible subscription model that integrates directly into your own Azure subscription and Azure resources. This guarantees you full sovereignty over your data. Total independence instead of vendor lock-in.

Basis for true innovation: With CENTERSIGHT scale, we provide a cornerstone of a long-term IoT roadmap and new digital business models.