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Health Hero Employee Wellness

Health Hero Inc.

Health Hero Employee Wellness is fun and healthy challenges for companies, schools, & universities.

Health Hero Employee Wellness allows groups & teams of any size to create fun and engaging wellness activities and step challenges. The application brings your team and peers together in a fun and healthy work and campus environment that drives health outcomes in students and employees, while driving culture, increased productivity, and improved recruitment & retention. Health Hero Employee Wellness is the only product in the marketplace that brings a fun layer of gamification by delivering healthy competitions, a variety of leaderboards, and personalization to create a unique employee or student wellness experience. Creating wellness programs within seconds has never been easier with our Human Resources friendly analytics that supports strategic organizational development, employee engagement, and employee experience goals.

Wellness highlights

- Any which way leaderboards - see dynamic leaderboards across multiple activity types

-Capture wellness activities via bot chat or by uploading pictures or screenshots

-Participate in wellness and step challenges

-Powerful chat interaction - receive messages that drive your well-being

-Connect with your favorite health app to log your steps automatically (Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Headspace, Calm, Peloton, and more), tie points and gamification to incentives, rewards, and recognition

-Be social! - a global feed that brings all of your people - together

-All-in-one dashboard experience

-Create teams and compete against each other

Health-related features

-Biometric screenings

-Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

-Health Risk Assessments

-Mental Health Screenings

-Telehealth & Virtual Primary Care

Health Hero Employee Wellness is designed to increase wellness awareness, improve employee or student and health engagement and create a wellness-focused work or campus environment/culture that translates into more happy, healthy, and productive employees and students. Whether you operate remotely, multi-worksite, in multi-geographies, or have one location, regardless of the size, Health Hero will help you to improve employee and student well-being engagement, productivity, and other strategic human resource goals to support your culture's extension to well-being and enhance your collaboration processes.

Note: *Some features are only available in our Enterprise plan. This app is also Microsoft Viva compatible.