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An exciting and engaging learning journey with immersive augmented learning labs.

Bring Classrooms to Life With ARitize Labs: 

Take your students on an exciting and engaging learning journey beyond traditional classrooms with immersive augmented learning labs. 

Use impactful visual training in an Augmented Reality (AR) environment for a hands-on application of course material and apply our AR science labs to your curriculum to enrich your online classroom. 

Students can pinch, zoom, and rotate equipment & objects in a 3D, AR lab for a fully immersive learning experience, applying the Learn Science by Doing methodology. 


How AR labs can enrich your classroom:
1. Drive Interaction & Participation: 
Transform each subject into an engaging and fun learning environment to improve collaboration and participation among students.

2. Improve Quality of Learning: Deliver higher levels of visual attention and cognitive activity with immersive AR experiences, leading to an increase in memory response by 70%.

3. Increased Applicants & Enrollments: Encourage more students to apply and enroll in your college or university through augmented realities of your campus. 


Options include: 

1. Purchase pre-built STEM labs from our ARitize Labs library;

2. Custom built AR Labs specific to your requirements and course content;

3. ARitize Lab Builder: Take control and build your own AR STEM Labs


Library of 52 Pre-Built Labs Available with 13 in construction: 

Biology: 8 available & 2 in construction

Biochemistry: 15 available & 5 in construction

Chemistry: 29 available & 6 in construction


Interested in learning more, contact Clinton Els (VP of Higher Education at Nextech AR solutions) to arrange: 

1. A detailed breakdown of all available labs per faculty.

2. Pricing structure and special offers.

3. Demonstration of the various solutions available.

Clinton Els

VP of Higher Education, Nextech AR solutions