10 week CAF ready assessment

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

Alithya’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Ready Assessment is a more in-depth version of our 6-week assessment, designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey to Azure.

Alithya will provide you with a CAF-aligned assessment that recommends a strategic framework for resource organization, landing zones, and initial app migrations.


The 10-week assessment includes what is listed in the 6-week assessment (as seen in the “Learn More” section) as well as the activities below.

Phase 1: Azure Setup Guide

  • Provide guiding principles for managing role-based access control including
  • An outline for enforcing governance, security, and compliance through policies and security settings
  • Provide recommended approach for resource naming and tagging

Phase 2: Azure Landing Zones

  • Deployment pipeline options for infrastructure

Phase 3: Best Practices for Initial App Migration

  • Evaluate your resource requirements for your initial migrations to prepare for your cloud adoption.
  • Review your compute/storage/database options
  • Provide deployment pipeline options for your apps
  • Provide recommendations on how to maximize your Azure investment

Deliverables: After completing the ready assessment your organization will receive the following deliverables, which includes one (1) round of review and update:

  1. Azure setup guide with recommendations on your cloud resources, including:

    • Azure subscription, resource group, and management group organization
    • High level role-based access control strategy
    • Governance and compliance strategy
    • Resource naming and tagging strategy
  2. Azure Landing Zone Guide with recommendations for:

    • Network connectivity
    • Azure Active Directory (AD) Tenants
    • Shared services
    • Deployment pipeline options for infrastructure
  3. Best Practices Presentation for initial app migrations where we recommend:

    • Initial app(s) for POC
    • Initial services to deploy in support of POC
    • Deployment pipeline options for apps
    • How to maximize your Azure investment