Azure Landing Zone 8-week Implementation

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

Alithya will provide you with a CAF-aligned landing zone implementation tailored to your organization, as well as the design for your DevOps model.

Phase 1: Azure Landing Zones Analysis

Alithya experts will review your requirements and priorities from your team for implementation scope.

Phase 2: Azure Landing Zones Design & Review

Alithya will prepare a high-level design document and conduct 1 review with the relevant client SMEs.

Phase 3 Azure Landing Zones Delivery & UAT

In this stage, Alithya will implement the agreed-upon scope. Alithya experts will also provide you with an Azure DevOps Deployment Design, which includes template and DevOps pipeline designs.


  1. Landing Zone Implementation Scope Review

  2. Landing Zone Design documentation

  • Hub Network design for VNETs and connectivity requirements

    1. On-premise to Azure
    2. Internet Egress
  • Governance policy design, including:

    1. Azure policies
    2. Azure security centre
  • Management and monitoring design including:

    1. Log analytics
    2. Azure monitor
  • Identity requirements for the base roles required to support the environment and the accounts/groups needed to provision it.

Landing Zone Implementation & UAT

  1. Develop all required deployment templates

  2. Deploy and configure the Azure resources

  3. Support the deployment of network connectivity resources

  4. Setup Azure DevOps Organization and configure base DevOps design

    • Provide document outlining Azure DevOps pipeline model
  5. Conduct testing with the client and fix any critical bugs

  6. Provide client with all Azure deployment templates

    • All deployed resources including VNETs, gateways, log analytics instances, Azure sentinel, etc.