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Enate Limited

Run end-to-end operations smoothly with Enate.

Enate is the all-in-one platform for running smooth and efficient operations. Effortlessly manage a human and digital team, build and customise workflows to your liking, automate repetitive tasks and never miss a deadline again. Enate gives you X-ray vision into your operations with real-time data, so you can fix bottlenecks, spot gaps and transform the way you work. Our no-code platform is simple to use and wraps around your current tech stack and legacy systems. Onboard in 6 weeks and see results within 3 months.

Do more with EnateAI

EnateAI is the layer we’ve built on top of our core platform to really maximize efficiency in operations. Available to ‘switch on’ via Enate’s marketplace, take advantage of 6 ready-to-use features including:

  • Triage - Automatically categorize emails to create the right ticket category.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Identify the emotional tone of client communications.
  • Intelligent Document Processing - Scan and extract data from documents.
  • Data Extraction - Extract data from your emails and auto-populate forms.
  • Thank You Analysis - Know when ‘thank you’ emails need action.
  • Foreign Language Fluency - Understand and process foreign language emails.

Enate’s marketplace offers a whole host of plug and play technology ranging from AI to RPA which you can feed into your workflows to drive efficiency, consistency and excellence.

What makes Enate different

  • Purpose built - Ready-to-use features built specifically for operations
  • No-code - Drag and drop workflows with no need for developers
  • Process mining - Fix quality issues and run processes like clockwork
  • Flexible - Enate adapts and flexes to global timezones and business needs.
  • Affordable - 33% cheaper than other BPM tools on the market
  • Speed - From the first call to onboarding, 6 weeks to implement
  • ROI - Measurable results within 3 months, or your money back

Better results with Enate

Businesses we work with typically see a 20% efficiency saving within 3 months of using Enate.