WelcomeUP the solution for your reception


WelcomeUP the solution for your reception


Speed-up registration process and give your reception an innovative look through a digital system

This application is available in Italian, English.

WelcomeUP is an application for virtual reception: a tool from the future coming true in the present.

WelcomeUP is designed for every medium and large-sized enterprise with more than one branch and more than one entrance for each branch. Thanks to numerous plug-ins, the app can be utilized for the management of the events being held, can be enhanced by Microsoft 365 and employed to recognize the license plates of every arriving or leaving vehicle.

Simple, because it’s very intuitive.

Fast, because any visitor of the branch can easily sign-in in complete autonomy just by following a few, guided steps.

Safety, because it keeps track of every access to the building and most importantly it’s able to measure the temperature and to verify the correct employment of the PPE.

Thanks to its ability to carry out a constant and accurate monitoring of the number of visitors, WelcomeUP provides a precise and updated list of the people inside the facility, which is helpful in case of emergency evacuations.

WelcomeUP does not require specific set-ups, nor to be installed on the servers.

An innovative solution: not only because it offers a revolutionary 2.0 substitute to the old-fashioned paper record, but also because it allows cost reduction, while improving the safety and the management of your company’s branch. In accordance to the European Regulation for the processing of general data (GDPR 2016/679).

WelcomeUP can allow companies increasing their health controls at the entrance, in order to ensure more safety to the visitors.

The elements that can contribute to health control are:

- The body temperature measurement

- The correct employment of PPE

- The description of the correct, safe behaviors to be kept inside the company

WelcomeUp has implemented a non-contact thermometer in order to automate the process of body temperature measuring, which is crucial, as a high temperature might indicate a Covid-19 infection. The device is able to determine whether or not the body temperature of the visitor is regular (this software was completely developed in Italy, which means it is GDPR-compliant).