BlackBelt Fusion: Manufacturing Intelligence

IntraStage, Inc.

BlackBelt Fusion: Manufacturing Intelligence

IntraStage, Inc.

Real-Time Actionable Insights From Across Your Entire Electronics Manufacturing Processes

Optimize Quality and Productivity with BlackBelt Fusion, the Preferred Platform of Global 1000 Complex Electronics Manufacturers

Are you facing challenges to proactively identify failures and issues across your manufacturing processes?  Are you experiencing data inconsistencies and silos preventing the gathering of valuable insights to optimize your manufacturing performance? Does manually collecting the insight needed to make business decisions consume valuable engineering time?

IntraStage BlackBelt Fusion is the enterprise level IT & Management Tool delivering solution for complex electronics manufacturing intelligence with real-time insights into manufacturing process, assembly, test, inspection, and repairs. 

IntraStage Benefits

  •  Collect data from across the enterprise
  •  Normalized data from any source or format without operational disruption
  •  Analyze and process real-time actionable insights across your manufacturing estate
  •  Elevate test data to unlock the digital twin

The level of sophistication required to manage data and processes is one of the most complex challenges Operations, Engineering, and Data Science leaders face today. This challenge often compromises proactive and fast decision-making when it comes to identifying, tracking, and resolving emerging issues across your manufacturing estate. 

BlackBelt Fusion gives your organization the data model, systems integration, out-of-the-box reports, and workflows that give insight from high-level dashboards and reports all the way to parametric-level analysis and root-cause.

Agile Manufacturing Enterprise 

IntraStage BlackBelt Fusion's extensive range of features and workflows empower you to be on top of your automated procedures, with an optimal visibility of those procedures' current and future state. 

Some key features enable you to:

  • Subscribe to automated alerts for real-time monitoring of your process metrics with drill-down workflows all the way to parametric trends and SPC.
  • Gain visibility into the Factory of the Future with Paperless Manufacturing, Failure Analysis, Repair and Rework, Returns Analysis, Measurement Analysis, and Supplier Quality Analysis. 

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