Open Data Blend Datasets


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Open Data Blend Datasets


(2 ratings)

UK Open Datasets That Accelerate Secondary Market Research

Open Data. Optimised.

Accelerate your analytics with UK open datasets that have been optimised for analytical workloads. Our datasets include NHS prescribing activity, UK road traffic accident statistics (i.e. road safety), and MOT test results.

Maximise Productivity

We provide data services to make market researchers 100x more productive compared to working with raw open data sources directly.

Slash Costs

Alleviate the costs and friction associated with using raw open datasets for secondary or desk research. Enable your market researchers to deliver more now.

Use Freely

All our datasets are openly licensed and free to use for any lawful purpose. From market research start-ups to the largest market research companies, you have the same freedoms.

Query Interactively

Copy our data files to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 using our Azure storage integration for low-latency queries from Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and other data lakehouse engines.

Example Use Cases

Our open datasets can be used to support several areas of market research including:

  • Pharma Markets: Answer questions like 'how is pharma brand x performing with drug y compared to equivalents from the competition?' and 'should the marketing push for pharma product y be increased or reduced?'
  • Prescribing Spend: Answer questions like 'which Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) are spending the most?' and 'how much could be saved by prescribing more generic products?'
  • Cycle Safety: Answer questions like 'what conditions contribute most to the severity of a cycling crash?' and 'which junctions are hotspots for severe cycling crashes?'
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Answer questions like 'which vehicle parts are most likely to fail an MOT test?' and 'which vehicles would benefit from a maintenance service combined with an MOT test?'
  • Vehicle Ownership: Answer questions like 'what is the average mileage per year as a vehicle ages and how does this differ by vehicle make and model?' and 'what are the most long-lived vehicles?'

You can learn more about these and other use cases here.